Prospector Park, Apache Junction, Pinal County, AZ

February 24th:
Who would have guessed that a quick trip to a local city park on a windy morning would give me good birds?! 

Find the Say's Phoebe - tiny bird in front of playground horse - two Say's were singing when I got out of the car
Vermilion Flycatcher - another early bird - saw it soon after 7 a.m. near the wash west of playground

Bendire's Thrasher (note yellow at base of slightly decurved bill)

Curve-billed Thrasher with totally black bill and more curved than Bendire's; splotchy chest marks

Another Bendire's Thrasher trying to elude me; note the more well-defined chest markings compared to CBTH
Gilded Flicker showing copper-colored head as opposed to the gray or dark brown of Northern Flicker

All in all, a great morning!

* * *

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