Lost Dutchman SP Bird Walk

March 11, 2015
Anticipating a good number of participants for my once-a-month Bird Walk at Lost Dutchman State Park, I invited some helpers along.  Ann and Bari agreed to join me; a good thing since about 23 birders showed up.
As usual we meandered for 90 minutes a loop trail out and back to our starting spot at Saguaro Day Use parking lot. 
With some clouds in the sky but mostly sunny and comfortable weather, we set out on the 90-minute walk to the sound of Black-throated Sparrows. I always want to show off that bird but many times it doesn't show up until we're almost finished. Today, that species was present at various spots the whole distance and during an after walk with a few friends.

Black-throated Sparrow   Photo: Chris
Bari and Ann played a critical role in helping the beginners find the birds. Whether we were viewing Cactus Wrens, Verdin, Phainopepla or House Finches, the group was full of questions and smiles as they found birds in their binoculars for close-up views of a distant species.

My thanks also to Jerry who was near the front of the group.  He was a more experienced birder and helped call the location of birds so the group could share the sighting.  A thrasher whose voice I couldn't discern on the walk was, I discovered after the fact, a Sage Thrasher.  When I walked with my friends after the conclusion of the 90-minutes walk, we spotted one in a palo verde tree and I later confirmed the song as a match to what I had heard with the group. 

Sage Thrasher   Photo: Chris
Ann spotted two distant high-flying hawks at the east edge of the Superstition Mountains.  I guessed them to be Harris's Hawks but told the group we wouldn't add it to our checklist unless we got a positive identification.  Eventually, one flew down our way before we wrapped up the walk so everyone got a good view of the white at the base of its long tail and the wide black band before the white tail tip.
A substantial number of the people who had showed up for the walk made it all the way through and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Birders who did the full 90-minute walk

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