June 24, 2015

After bunion surgery on June 18th, I spent a week recuperating and healing with friends/neighbors, Pat and Cindy, whose large house is ground-level, unlike my own with many steps to get in and out.  They were kind, generous and nurturing even through their Florence Nightenmare duty to waken me every four hours for pain pills when I first arrived. Cleaning up after my continuous vomiting on day of surgery was another story but we all survived.

I tried to do this blog last week from my iPhone but, despite having finally gotten it set up, it didn't "publish".

Yesterday, June 23rd, I returned to Dr. Coffey (East Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists) whose office is temptingly located directly across Guadalupe Road from Gilbert Library and Water Ranch.  But no birding on this day. In addition to a fresh bandage I was outfitted with a “port” enabling me to use an Exogen ultrasound bone healing system twenty (20) minutes each day.  I do this between 2:00 and 2:30 each afternoon so am not available at that time.  

Today, I returned home. It wore me out but Cindy loaded my “stuff” in her truck, carried it into my house and also helped me not fall backwards as I went up my entrance stairs with one crutch and the handrail.  Need much practice OR, more likely, I’ll sit down to go up and down.  In any event, I am back to the computer and the comfort of knowing where everything is located. 

I'm grateful for all the good vibes and well wishes via Facebook from so many of you.  You'll hear more from me when I'm back to birding, probably in August sometime.

* * * 

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